Could An Anti-Cavity Pill Exist In The Future?

Friday, March 18th, 2016, 5:12 pm

Modern dentistry is all about prevention and what could be better for our dental future than an anti-cavity pill?

Researchers at the University of Florida have identified a strain of oral bacteria that seems to cavity causing bacteria in check. The scientists speculate that it might be possible to use this “good” bacteria as a supplement to prevent tooth decay.

One of the reasons that rates of tooth decay have been rising is what we are putting in our mouths. A healthy mouth requires a neutral pH environment — when the mouth becomes too acidic we see tooth decay and other dental problems. Lead study author, Robert Burne said, “At that point, bacteria on the teeth make acid, and acid dissolves the teeth. It’s straightforward chemistry.”

Unfortunately, the modern American diet is not designed for good oral health. Energy drinks, soda, sports drinks and even fruit juices are often sipped throughout the day, rather than just at mealtime. These beverages are often highly acidic and filled with sugars that serve to feed oral bacteria.

The beneficial bacteria that the University of Florida researchers discovered is a strain of streptococcus called A12. Study co-author Marcelle Nascimento said, “If we can get to the point where we can confirm that people who have more of this healthy type of bacteria in the mouth are at lower risk of cavities, compared to those who don’t carry the beneficial bacteria and may be a high risk, this could be one of the factors that you measure for cavity risk.” Research into oral bacteria will continue with a new 5-year grant.

While we are waiting for the magic anti-cavity pill here are some things you can do to protect your teeth.

  • If you sip on something all day long at your desk – make it water.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. Small problems that are ignored will only get worse – teeth cannot heal themselves but your dentist can help stop tooth decay in its tracks.
  • Brush and floss every day.

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