Sugary Drinks Bad for Heart and Smile

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012, 5:05 pm

Dentists have been complaining about sugary drinks being bad for your smile for years and now there is evidence that they are also bad for your heart.

Research published in the journal Circulation found that men who drank a 12 ounce sugary beverage once a day increased their risk of heart disease 20% compared to men who didn’t drink the stuff.

Dr. Frank B. Hu said “This study adds to the growing evidence that sugary beverages are detrimental to cardiovascular health.” Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States so anything that can be done to reduce the risk is important.

The researchers looked at over 40,000 men and found the increased risk even after they controlled for other risk factors such as smoking, lack of exercise, alcohol use and family health history. Having a sugary drink once or twice a week didn’t seem to have the same increase in risk. Although this study looked at men, previous research had found comparable findings about women.

Hopefully this will convince people to put down the sweet tea and soda and choose a beverage that is good for your smile and your heart. Remember, you don’t have to cut these treats from your diet completely — just remember that they are treats and shouldn’t be consumed every day. You’ll have fewer cavities and a healthier smile if you start drinking tap water instead of soda with your meals — this is especially important for your children!

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