FDA Looks at Amalgam Health Risks Again

Friday, December 10th, 2010, 11:17 am

An advisory panel at the Food and Drug Administration will look at a study that claims that 67 million Americans with silver, mercury-based dental amalgam fillings are being exposed to levels of mercury that exceed EPA guidelines. The study was commissioned by a group promoting mercury-free dentistry. Dental amalgam is made up of about half mercury and half other metals such as silver, zinc, copper and tin.

The FDA has maintained that dental amalgam is safe for use in children 6 years and older.  The use of mercury-based amalgam as dental fillings has been falling dramatically in this country in recent years and is only used for about 30% of all fillings.  Several European countries have banned the substance because of potential risks.

Another recent study about mercury risk was published in the November issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease which concluded that mercury may be a factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Wilbanks Smile Center is proud to be a mercury-free facility.  If you are concerned about the safety of your old mercury amalgam fillings please contact our Toccoa, Georgia office at 706-886-9439 to discuss your alternatives for safe dental restorations.

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