What Are These White Spots On My Teeth?

Sunday, January 24th, 2016, 12:12 am

Have you noticed white spots on your teeth? These white spot lesions can be appear for a number of reasons — your dentist will work to determine the cause of your white spots and if they are a cause for concern.

Sometimes white spots on teeth are caused by nutrition, genetic predisposition or an excessive intake of fluoride. A common cause for white spots is orthodontic treatment and the white spots will be noticed when brackets are removed.

Most of the time white spots are actually areas of decalcified tooth enamel which is an early sign of cavity formation. Fluoride treatments may help to remineralize the tooth and hold off tooth decay.

While fluoride is terrific at helping to prevent tooth decay, too much of it can also cause white spots. If you live in an area where there are naturally high fluoride levels you may encounter this problem which is called fluorosis.

Braces are associated with white spot formation because patients with orthodontic braces often have a difficult time cleaning their teeth. This results in a build-up of plaque on the tooth surface. Acids produced by plaque can severely damage the tooth enamel which may eventually become tooth decay. White spots following the removal of braces can cause severe upset — the teeth are now straight but their color is no longer uniform.

The best treatment for these types of white spot lesions is prevention, of course. Follow your dentist’s instructions regarding oral hygiene care when wearing braces and maintain your schedule of professional dental cleanings.

Treatment options for white spot lesions can include fluoride treatments, dental bonding and dental veneers depending upon how severe the case.

If you suddenly notice a white spot on your tooth that hasn’t been there before — schedule a visit with your dentist. If it is the beginning of tooth decay we can work to prevent a cavity from forming or from becoming larger. Treating problems when they are small is easier and less expensive — don’t wait because teeth can’t heal themselves.

Find out more about tooth decay and your treatment options by contacting Wilbanks Smile Center in Toccoa, GA today at 706-391-8777. We’ll be happy to schedule your next visit!

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