Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Thursday, July 8th, 2010, 8:58 am

A dental implant is basically an artificial tooth that replaces a tooth that has been lost.  Implants are perfect for replacing just one tooth or many.  They can even be used to anchor dentures.

The implant itself is a small titanium device that is placed in your jaw to act as an artificial tooth root.  Your jaw bone grows around the anchor and holds it in place.  Not only does this provide a solid base for your new tooth but placing an implant protects you from bone loss in the area where you have lost the tooth.

Ideal candidates for dental implants have healthy gums and enough bone to support the implant – but since most things in life are not “ideal” there are options that I can discuss with you about getting your mouth ready for an implant.

As I said, the implant itself serves as an artificial tooth root – the part that you will see is the special crown that is placed on top of the implant.  These crowns are color matched to your existing teeth and very lifelike in appearance.  Since the implant is permanently placed in your mouth no one will ever know you have a replacement tooth – you do not have to remove it for cleaning.  Just brush and floss regularly.

If you are missing a tooth or teeth and are unhappy with the gap in your smile or are unhappy with the bridge or partial denture that you are currently wearing please contact my Toccoa, Georgia office today.  My team and I will be happy to explain your options and help you decide if a dental implant is the right choice for you.

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