Habits Hurting Your Teeth

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, 10:12 pm

We all have habits – some good, some bad and some that could be hurting our teeth. Here’s a few habits to keep an eye on:Wilbanks Smile Center offers tips to break the habits that are hurting your teeth.

  • Using teeth instead of tools. You know you do it, biting open the bag of chips, using your teeth to hold everything from paperclips to nails and some even use their teeth instead of pliers. How can this hurt your teeth? They can chip, crack or break and a cracked tooth is no fun – if the nerve in the cracked tooth becomes damaged or infected you may need a root canal and a badly cracked or broken tooth may have to be removed. This would require replacing the tooth with an implant or a bridge – wouldn’t it have been easier to use a tool for the job?
  • Chewing on ice. Chewing ice is really common and is such a habit for some people that they don’t even realize they are doing it. The combination of hard tooth enamel with the cold, hard ice is a really bad pairing. The ice crystals can break or chip teeth and this is more likely to happen because of the cold temperature. Changes between hot and cold in the mouth also makes old mercury amalgam fillings swell and contract which leads to cracks in the filling. This allows bacteria to start the decay process under the old filling. New tooth colored restorations are not as susceptible to this.
  • Sucking on sugar. Some people use hard candies and mints throughout the day which keeps the teeth bathed in sugar. Many others have a habit of drinking soda all day long. Sodas and sweetened drinks contain acids which weaken tooth enamel. The sugar serves as food for cavity causing bacteria which attack the softened teeth.

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