Can Cavity Proof Teeth Be In Our Future?

Thursday, July 12th, 2012, 8:04 pm

Researchers from Yale and the University of Chile have discovered a molecule that kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay. The bacteria called Streptococcus Mutans turns sugar into an acid that damages tooth enamel and leads to cavities.

Jose Cordova of Yale and Erich Astudillo from Chile named the newly discovered molecule “Keep 32″ in reference to the 32 teeth in the human adult mouth. They hope to incorporate the molecule into a mouthwash or lozenge form which would kill the bacteria in about a minute.

About 73% of all people have cavities and this research is aimed at reducing that number. Previously researchers at UCLA’s College of Dentistry had developed a mouthwash that eliminated almost all the decay causing bacteria over a 4 day period.

Dentistry keeps trying to put itself out of business by preventing problems before they start! Until we can effectively eliminate Streptococcus Mutans (without killing off the good bacteria in our mouths) we will have to rely on old-school prevention measures like brushing, flossing and getting regular cleanings.

Once tooth decay is discovered you no longer have to worry about those unsightly silver mercury fillings — Wilbanks Smile Center is a mercury free facility and our patients are treated using modern tooth colored composite filling materials.

To schedule your appointment please contact Wilbanks Smile Center in Toccoa, GA today at 706-886-9439.

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