Another Gum Disease and Cancer Link Found

Friday, March 4th, 2011, 12:27 pm

A report released in February by The British Dental Health Foundation stated that women with gum disease and/or missing teeth may be up to 11 times more likely to develop breast cancer. This study appears to show that good oral health care for women may be even more important than originally thought.

Over three thousand patients were studied by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute  with 41 women developing cancer. The women with gum disease and tooth loss were found to be 11 times more likely to develop cancer. This study is the first to show this link. Previous studies had shown links between poor oral health in women to pre-term birth, increased rates of diabetes and heart disease. As always, additional studies will be needed in order to fully understand the link between gum disease, tooth loss, and cancer.

Gum disease is easily prevented. You may already be suffering from gum disease and not realize it. If your gums are red and puffy, if they bleed while brushing or flossing you are probably seeing the signs of gum disease.

Treatment of gum disease depends upon the severity of the case. Today there is a much wider range of treatment options available, for those patients who avoid the dentist because of anxiety or fear, sedation dentistry may be the answer to maintaining a healthy smile.

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