Boomers Aware of Oral Health

Saturday, June 29th, 2013, 2:30 am

A new survey puts oral health among the top three medical concerns for people 50+ years of age. Baby Boomers are aware of the importance of oral health!

The survey also showed that 74% of respondents indicated that they visited a dentist at least two times per year. I can only hope that that number is correct because the improved oral health of these patients will have a positive effect on their overall well being. Regular dental hygiene visits are important for all ages but are particularly important as we age.

In spite of knowing how important good oral health is, the boomers still had problems with regular home care. 47% did not floss every day and 34% only brushed once each day. There are opportunities for improvement here. As we age it is even more important that we keep up “regular maintenance”. Changes in our bodies and other existing medical conditions mean that the older mouth needs a little more TLC to stay as healthy as it once did. Skipping the brushing and flossing can only lead to problems.

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