Celebrate National Hugging Day

Friday, January 21st, 2011, 4:37 pm

Evidently today is National Hugging Day.This special day was created in 1986 by Rev. Kevin Zaborney from Caro, Michigan. Celebrate by giving someone a big hug and receiving hugs in return. While you are busy hugging you may want to check your breath. No one wants to receive a hug from someone who hasn’t been keeping up with their oral hygiene!

Some quick tips for fresh breath that will make you a huggable favorite:

  • Floss every day! Only floss can get the food debris that lodges between your teeth and provides food for bad oral bacteria. If you feel awkward flossing try using floss picks.
  • Brush after each meal.  You don’t need a fancy electric toothbrush, just choose a brush with soft bristles so it will be gentle on your teeth and gums. A toothpaste containing fluoride will help harden the enamel of your teeth avoiding damage caused by acidic juices and sodas.
  • Don’t forget your tongue. The tongue can harbor lots of bacteria that are responsible for bad breath. An inexpensive tongue scraper will do the job easily. If you don’t have a tongue scraper just brush your tongue with your toothbrush.
  • Pass on the mints. While breath mints may feel cool and refreshing and make your breath smell sweet temporarily, the sugar in the mints will actually feed your oral bacteria causing even worse breath than before.

If you are suffering from bad breath in spite of your good dental hygiene habits you should contact us immediately. There are a number of dental or medical conditions that may be to blame. A thorough dental examination will be able to determine if your problem is dental or if you need to visit your physician.

Don’t miss out on any hugs because of bad breath. Please contact Wilbanks Smile Center at 706-886-9439 today to discuss your concerns.

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