Chocolate Good for Enamel?

Friday, May 3rd, 2013, 8:50 pm

A new study just came out that can make all of us smile – a compound in chocolate hardens tooth enamel better than fluoride! Does this mean we can add chocolate to the water supply?

The study was completed by researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center. They discovered that theobromine, an organic compound in chocolate, worked to remineralize and harden tooth enamel better than fluoride. The researchers measured the hardness of the enamel surface of teeth after treatments with fluoride and theobromine and found that the theobromine increased the size of the crystals that form tooth enamel. Larger crystals strengthen the enamel  which makes the teeth less vulnerable to erosion by acids.

Tooth enamel that has been damaged by acids leads to sensitivity, tooth decay and a discolored smile. There is a toothpaste on the market that contains this ingredient – I did not see the original journal article discussing the research so it may be possible that the maker of Theodent toothpaste helped fund the research.

Dentists have known for many years that chocolate is the best choice for your teeth if you are going to eat candy. Unlike the sticky or sour candies it does not stick to teeth and does not contain high acid levels that will damage enamel. Dark chocolate is the best choice – and it is even good for your overall health – in moderation!

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