Dental Care Available for Fearful Patients

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010, 11:17 am

As many as 20% of patients who don’t make regular trips to the dentist cite the fear of dentists as the primary reason why they don’t seek regular dental treatment.

Since it is so important for patients to receive regular dental care for overall health, here at Wilbanks Smile Center we try to encourage our patients to keep their regular dental appointments by making visits as comfortable and stress free as possible. In addition to the early detection of dental problems like oral bone loss, infection, and gum disease, poor dental hygiene can also lead to an increased risk of strokes and heart disease.  Part of your comprehensive examination also includes a regular check for oral cancer, which may otherwise go undetected.

The fear of dentists can be the result of numerous situations, but is frequently the result of the anticipation of pain, either involving the procedure itself or the needles that are associated with the numbing process. Many older patients may have endured dental treatments that were unduly painful prior to modern pain free dental techniques.

A feeling of not being in control may also result in a fear of dentists and in some rare cases, a phobia of dental care.

Despite the nature of fearful symptoms in some patients, there are numerous options that are available to provide successful dental treatment.

Sedation dentistry uses a range of medications and most anxious patients respond well to it.  While local anesthetics may also be needed during a potentially painful procedure, the injection is usually given following the administration of a sedative.  Before appointments, oral sedatives may be given to patients inducing a feeling of relaxation and sedation by IV is another option available for patients that require it. Another tool that is used in sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide which gives the patient a calm and relaxed feeling when it is inhaled.

Please contact my Toccoa, Georgia full-service dental office today to discuss your options for anxiety-free dental treatment.  Get the care you need without the stress by calling 706-886-9439 today.

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