Dental Damage and Celiac Disease

Thursday, August 16th, 2012, 8:18 pm

Dental issues like damage to tooth enamel are common in patients who have celiac disease. Patients with celiac disease are unable to process gluten from foods and the disease damages the small intestine affecting nutrient absorption. Early detection of the disease could begin with a dental visit.Toccoa cosmetic dentist offers cosmetic dental treatment for celiac patients.

A high percentage of children with celiac disease also have damage to their tooth enamel, even when no other symptoms of the disease are present. The disease affects the appearance of the dental enamel including changes in color, surface texture or even structural changes to the tooth. Dr. Vikki Noonan of Boston University School of Dental Medicine said that in severe cases “Teeth may become more pointed or conical. The tips are more severely affected.”

Adults with undiagnosed celiac disease may have frequent cavities as well as eroding enamel. Canker sores frequently occur in those undiagnosed celiac patients. They can also pop up when someone on a gluten free diet accidentally eats a food containing gluten. Receding gums and gum disease are other oral health issues to be aware of.

The tooth defects caused by celiac disease can mimic those changes caused by too much fluoride or antibiotic use early in life. The tooth changes that result from celiac disease are permanent and will not resolve after adopting the gluten-free diet required for celiac patients. Dentists can use cosmetic dentistry techniques including bonding, dental veneers or crowns to cover unsightly changes to the teeth in older children and adults. Frequent dental visits and professional cleanings can help keep gum tissue healthy and help the celiac patient avoid cavities.

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