Dental Health Linked to Children's Weight

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011, 11:15 am

A study done at the Arizona School of Dentistry found that increased body mass index (BMI) caused dental development to accelerate. This means that children that are overweight or obese grow faster than children who are normal weight. This becomes a very important factor when discussing orthodontic treatment for these children.

Timing is an important factor in orthodontic treatment and this study shows that overweight children may need to start orthodontic treatment earlier than other kids. Placing children in braces late can result in more complex (an expensive) treatment requirements.

Overweight children have also been shown to have a higher risk of dental cavities than other children. This is primarily caused by poor eating habits and frequent, long term drinking of sugar-laden beverages such as juice and sodas. Eliminating or reducing sodas and similar beverages from your child’s diet will not only help protect their teeth but will also reduce the amount of calories they are taking in each day.

Poor dental health in childhood results in a lifetime of necessary dental treatment. Protect your child by limiting sugary drinks and snacks and making physical activity and outdoor play part of their day.

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