Dental X-Rays Are Necessary and Safe

Thursday, April 14th, 2011, 1:54 pm

The American Dental Association recommends taking bitewing x-rays (4-7 radiographs) every year and a full set (18 radiographs) every 3-5 years. Why? Because teeth are one of those parts of the body that feel fine – until suddenly they are causing great pain. In order to spot little problems and treat them before they become big ones, dentistry relies on those little films of your teeth.

Actually, since dental radiographs at Wilbanks Smile Center are completely digital we no longer need the little pieces of film that used to be stuck in your mouth. Not only is digital radiography more comfortable for the patient, it uses far less radiation than the old style x-ray machines and the images are available instantly. A few patients object to annual dental x-rays because of radiation fears but that is actually not something to worry about. You  more radiation flying across the country on an airplane than you do from modern dental radiographs.

Dental radiographs allow us to see problems below the gumline  and between the teeth where decay can hide, they also let us spot tiny cracks that might not be seen during a visual inspection of your teeth. While highly unusual, dental radiographs have also helped spot cancers of the mouth and jaw.

So the next time your dental hygienist says its time for your x-rays remember that they are a safe, practical and important part of your oral health care!

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