Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain

Friday, July 15th, 2011, 2:16 pm

This one can be filed under “Unintended Consequences”. We have known for a long time that excess sugar consumption causes weight gain. Sugar is simply empty calories with no nutritional value and in the United States we take in a lot of our sugar in the form of drinks.

Dentists are the first to warn about drinking sugary soft drinks because of the damage the sugar and acids do to your teeth while also damaging your waistline. It turns out the your waistline is also under attack when you switch to diet soft drinks. At a recent American Diabetes Association meeting in San Diego two studies were presented that showed that diet drinks lead to larger mid-sections.

One study looked at 400 diet soda drinkers for a 10 year period. The soda drinkers waist sizes increased 70 percent more than the people who didn’t drink sodas (remember these were diet). The people who drank two or more diet drinks per day increased their waist sizes five times more than those who didn’t partake.

The other study showed that artificial sweeteners, when fed to mice, caused their blood sugar levels to rise. These mice had higher blood sugar levels than the mice eating normal food.

The researchers feel that the artificial sweeteners trigger our appetites but, since they don’t contain nutrients or calories, don’t provide satisfaction. People will then eat more of other things to satisfy their appetite.

What is the smartest thing to drink? According to the experts we should avoid soda, energy drinks and sports drinks because these all will contribute to weight gain. Stick to water or tea, preferably green tea, to satisfy your thirst and keep your waistline slim. As an added bonus, drinking green tea is terrific for your oral health (as long as you don’t add sugar).

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