Don’t Neglect Your Smile!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014, 5:52 pm

A well-maintained, beautiful smile is a major asset both aesthetically and for your overall health. However, many Americans chronically neglect their smiles, by skipping their biannual tooth cleanings or not taking proper care of their teeth.

According to recent studies, nearly 60 percent of people say that one’s smile is the first facial feature that they notice when meeting someone new. Although society puts a high value on overall appearance, a person’s smile is especially noticeable.

Firstly, your smile is front and center – your smile is what you use to greet the world, and it reflects your overall health as well. For example, it can show if you are a smoker, and even reveals whether your hygiene habits.

If you aren’t flossing regularly, don’t brush thoroughly and skip dental cleanings, your teeth will reflect that, and other will notice. Despite that fact, many people don’t pay enough attention to maintaining their own smile.

Recent statistics show that Americans spend $100 billion on hair care products annually, however, they only spend $2 billion on dental care products. This reflects what consumers view as important – even though hair is rated much lower than teeth on the list of which features people first notice when meeting someone.

With so many people choosing to spend more money on their hair than on dental care products such as floss and mouthwash, it should come as no surprise that 80 percent of people are not happy with their smile.

The things that people want to change about their smiles varies, but some of the most common requests are to whiten or straighten their smile. Crooked teeth can be improved through braces, clear aligners such as Invisalign, or veneers. Porcelain veneers can address and correct many aesthetic flaws in one’s smile.

Along with cosmetic dentistry, following suggested annual dental treatments will drastically improve your smile’s health and appearance. Getting a dental cleaning twice a year, receiving an annual exam and following a thorough at-home cleaning routine will go a long way toward attaining and maintaining a beautiful smile.


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