FDA Includes Oral Cancer Warning on Cigarette Packs

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, 9:03 am

The new regulations about the health warnings that are required on packages of cigarettes and on cigarette advertising will include warnings about oral cancer.

The graphic images that have been selected by the FDA warn about various smoking related diseases, pregnancy complications and death. The image chosen to portray oral cancer features a nasty looking cancerous lesion on a lip with a truly horrible looking set of teeth.

This image seems to actually serve two purposes – the obvious warning that smoking causes cancer but it also portrays the damage that smoking does to teeth and gums. According to the FDA the image was tested in focus groups and scored very high on the emotional scale and the “difficult to look at” measure. The FDA regulatory document stated “the selected image ‘cancerous lesion on lip’ is likely to have particular relevance for youth… the research literature suggests that youth are likely to relate to and be susceptible to cigarette warnings depicting the negative short-term impacts of smoking on their personal appearance, including their lips and teeth.” In other words, teenagers worry about their looks and what they will look like in six months to a year, the idea that they might get cancer seems a long way away but having ugly teeth or lips is something that will actually make them think twice about having that first cigarette.

Here at Wilbanks Smile Center we have seen teeth and gums damaged by years of smoking. If you are an ex-smoker – congratulations! You have achieved a difficult goal. Let us help you restore your oral health and give you the smile you have always dreamed of. I guarantee that seeing a beautiful, white, healthy smile in the mirror every day will make it easier to avoid temptation.

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