Fitness and Good Oral Health Key to Long, Healthy Life

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012, 8:34 pm

A report in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that staying fit during middle age decreased the risk of developing chronic disease later in life. The risk for diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease were all reduced. Researchers in the study noted that their findings suggested “a modest increase in fitness could translate into marked reduction of chronic conditions in older age.”

Guess what else has been shown to reduce risk of these conditions?

Maintaining good oral health of course. Study after study has shown that the bacteria and inflammation associated with gum disease can travel throughout the body. Oral bacteria has been linked to heart disease, and even certain cancers. Women of childbearing age need healthy gums to protect against pre-term birth. Diabetic patients need to keep their gums healthy to help with blood sugar control but have the added complication that diabetics are much more likely to develop gum disease.

There is no magic pill that can keep us healthy as we age. We do know that exercise is necessary as is a healthy diet. Combine that with brushing, flossing and visiting your dental hygienist regularly and you have a pretty good chance of staying healthy. On the other hand, folks that never floss, eat every meal at the drive-thru window and think that standing up to find the remote counts as a workout are probably going to experience some serious problems along the way.

It’s never too late to start on a healthier lifestyle – take a walk, have a healthy dinner and give Wilbanks Smile Center in Toccoa, GA a call to schedule your next dental hygiene visit. Everybody gets older, its how we get older that we have a choice about!

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