Hate To Floss?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012, 8:50 pm

Do you hate to floss? Relax, you aren’t alone. Floss has been around for a long time but about 2/3 of dental patients avoid the stuff in spite of the best efforts of dentists and hygienists. We floss our teeth to remove the bacteria, debris and plaque between teeth that our toothbrushes can’t reach.

Using regular old string floss is the most inexpensive way of keeping your smile healthy. Rolls of floss cost under $1 and are found in grocery stores, drug stores and discount stores. The choice of waxed or unwaxed, mint flavored or plain or wide versus thin are pretty much up to you. Waxed floss may be easier to slide between teeth for many people.

Flossing does require some manual dexterity – if you are not physically able to wrap the floss around your fingers and maneuver it between your teeth or you simply refuse to use regular floss you do have some options.

Floss picks are small plastic handles with a piece of floss attached. Floss picks are available wherever toothpaste and floss is usually sold. Try keeping a package in your car and you can floss at stoplights!

A wonderful alternative to string floss is the “water flosser”. You may remember  Water Pik’s from when your kids were in braces – they were a great way for kids to clean between their teeth without disturbing the brackets and wires. If your water flosser is still under the bathroom sink it may be time to dig it out. Research has shown that these devices are highly effective in removing bacteria and debris from between teeth. In fact  a paper presented in 2010 at an international research conference showed that using a water flosser along with manual brushing was two times more effective at reducing gingival bleeding than floss.

Please contact Wilbanks Smile Center in Toccoa, GA today at 706-886-9439 to schedule your next dental hygiene appointment – and don’t forget to floss!


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