Help for Pregnant Women with Gum Disease

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011, 8:40 pm

Many studies have proven the link between a pregnant woman’s oral health and possible premature birth. There was some possible good news in this area when a small clinical trial showed that pregnant women with gum disease who used an antibacterial mouth rinse reduced their chances of giving birth early by about 15%. More follow up studies will be needed to confirm the results and additional study of the safety of using this type of mouth rinse when pregnant will also be reviewed. The researchers were excited by the possibilities for improving mother and infant health through the use of something as simple as a mouth rinse.

What can a woman do now to reduce her odds of premature delivery when pregnant? The best thing you can do is to get healthy before you even become pregnant – healthy eating, brushing, flossing and regular hygiene appointments will help keep your gums in tip-top shape.

If you already suffer from periodontal disease and are thinking about starting a family please have your gum disease treated before and during your pregnancy.

It doesn’t seem fair, but even if your gums are normally healthy there is an increased risk for gum disease while you are pregnant. You should be extra careful about brushing and flossing and don’t skip any of your dental hygiene appointments!

To schedule your next dental hygiene appointment please contact Wilbanks Smile Center in Toccoa, Georgia at 706-886-9439.  Please call today for a healthy you, and a healthy baby!

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