Mom's Vitamin D Gives Baby Strong Teeth

Thursday, April 24th, 2014, 7:36 pm

Moms with low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy have been linked to a higher risk of tooth decay in the teeth of their babies. Higher levels of vitamin D may give baby stronger teeth.

Researchers in Canada found that children born to mothers with low levels of vitamin D when pregnant were at increased risk of poor quality dental enamel and early childhood caries (tooth decay). Previous studies had shown that vitamin D deficiency among mothers also lead to defects in the enamel of their toddlers’ teeth.

This recent study looked at the vitamin D levels of women and then checked their children for dental decay during the first year of life. Researchers discovered that one-third of the women had low levels of vitamin D and that the mothers of children with tooth decay had significantly lower levels of the vitamin than did the moms of kids without tooth decay.

Prenatal vitamin D improves the development of tooth enamel in the developing fetus, the researchers concluded. Vitamin D also helps prevent abnormalities of the spinal cord and brain, and enhances brain development. For women, vitamin D helps promote bone density during and after pregnancy. Researchers also believe that vitamin D may help prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Vitamin D means strong teeth for adults too! Known as the sunshine vitamin, the human body makes vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Very few foods offer vitamin D so supplements may be in order if you don’t spend much time in the sun.

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