Snoring Can Have Health Consequences

Friday, February 1st, 2013, 12:07 am

If you think that simple snoring is nothing to worry about you would be wrong. Turns out that snoring can have serious health consequences even if it does not accompany a full-blown case of sleep apnea.snoring spouse

Researchers from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI reported that people who are regular snorers have a much higher risk of having thicker or abnormal carotid arteries. The carotid arteries are the blood vessels that take oxygen rich blood to our brains – something we definitely need to keep in top shape for healthy aging.

Study author Dr. Robert Deeb said “Snoring is more than a bedtime annoyance and it shouldn’t be ignored. Patients need to seek treatment in the same way they would if they had sleep apnea, high blood pressure or other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.”

The investigators suggested that instead of sending the snoring bed partner off to sleep in another room that pushing them to seek medical treatment would be a better option.

Anyone who snores regularly should be checked for obstructive sleep apnea which is a serious condition that causes stoppages of breathing during sleep. Once you have discovered you don’t have sleep apnea you can search for a solution to your snoring.  Snoring is a matter of sleeping position for lots of people so there are special pillows that can be purchased and some people swear by sewing tennis balls into the back of their pajamas so they can’t sleep on their backs.

A highly effective treatment for snoring is an oral appliance. Your dentist can create a small device that is worn in your mouth while you sleep that positions the jaw in a manner that keeps you from snoring. Don’t be fooled by the “internet” versions of snoring appliances. Any device that is placed in your mouth and has not been custom fit by your dentist will cause tooth movement and jaw pain over time.

Please contact Wilbanks Smile Center in Toccoa, GA today at 706-886-9439 to schedule your appointment to see if you are a candidate for an oral appliance to stop your snoring.

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