Toothbrush Care and Your Health

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013, 8:12 pm

Toothbrushes are a vital part of our at-home dental care regimen. Giving our teeth the proper care is important not only for keeping our smiles bright, but also for preventing the development of common dental issues like  tooth decay or cavities.

However, few of us ever think of how caring for our toothbrushes can impact our health. Here are some tips for toothbrush care and replacement:

  1. Replace your toothbrush frequently. Most dentists agree that it is best for adults to replace their toothbrush every 3 months or so. Although it depends on the individual user, you know it’s time for a replacement brush when the bristles become worn from use. Once the bristles have worn out, the brush’s effectiveness is gone, and you will not easily be able to clean gums or scrape plaque off teeth.
  2. Your toothbrush may not be as clean as you think. Your toothbrush is exposed to the germs, fungus, and bacteria in your mouth with every use, which can build over time and lead to infection. It is important to rinse your toothbrush under water, removing excess toothpaste or debris. For the best possible clean, soak your toothbrush in alcohol or mouthwash after brushing.
  3. Do not share toothbrushes. No matter how close you are to your family or friends, never share a toothbrush with anyone!  Brushing your teeth can sometimes lead to bleeding, which exposes you to blood stream diseases, as well as to various other bodily fluids and germs. By sharing a toothbrush, you are also at a far greater risk for developing periodontal diseases, or in some cases, herpes and cold sores.
  4. Do not store your toothbrush in a closed container. Store your toothbrush in an upright position. Storing brushes in a moist, closed container can cause the growth of microorganisms, which may lead to illness or greater dental problems. It is recommended that brushes be stored in an environment where they can air-dry.

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