Dental Anxiety - Try A Little Laughter

Saturday, February 25th, 2012, 10:10 pm

Dental anxiety is more common than you might think and about 5% of the population suffers from severe fear of the dentist. Swedish researchers have found that optimism on the part of the patient and humorous interactions with the dentist and dental office staff are an important part of managing stress during a dental appointment. I could have told them that!

The University of Gothenberg identified  common methods used by patients to combat their dental anxiety:

  • Internal strength – keep telling yourself that you are strong enough to do this despite your fear
  • Distraction – Play mental games, sing to yourself, keep the mind busy
  • Prayer – Enough said
  • Optimism – thinking ahead to what you are going to do when the appointment is over
  • Distancing – mentally remove yourself from the situation

Humor is a great stress reducer and can break down many barriers. Dental jokes are usually pretty bad so most of the laughter is aimed at the lameness of the joke, not its clever punch line.

Probably the best tool we have for handling dental anxiety is sedation dentistry. At Wilbanks Smile Center we offer various types of sedation to allow our patients to get the treatment they desperately need without feeling fearful. The type of sedation that is best for you will depend upon your level of anxiety and your health. It is possible to wipe away years of dental neglect in just a couple of visits using sedation dentistry.

Please contact our Toccoa, GA office today at 706-886-9439 to schedule your appointment.

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