What is Cone-Beam CT?

Thursday, January 24th, 2013, 5:23 pm

What is Cone-Beam CT and why do we think it is so important for our patients? This technology enables dentists to view life-like 3-D images of bone structure, tooth orientation, nerve canals and pathology of the scanned area. This enables us to diagnose and treat with greater accuracy. For example, placing a dental implant using this 3-D technology allows us to see exactly where nerves and sinuses are which is essential in this procedure.Cone-beam CT scans allow Wilbanks Smile Center to diagnose in 3-D.

The Cone-Beam 3-D CT gives us the same advantages of our digital x-rays:

  • Immediate images, no need to wait for developing
  • We can enhance and alter the image to get a better view
  • Because we can show them on a monitor immediately they are a great tool for patient education
  • Storing and retrieving the images is fast and easy

Along with these advantages, the Cone-Beam 3-D CT also gives us:

  • The ability to view the scan in 3 dimensions, rather than a flat x-ray,  which allows us to reveal conditions that we could never  observe before.
  • Makes certain procedures like implants much easier because we can measure three-dimensional distances between anatomical features
  • We can now map joints for more effective treatment of TMJ disorders
  • We can diagnose root fractures and visualize the locations of root canals, locate sinuses, evaluate trauma and locate small problems before they become big ones

Most dental offices don’t choose to invest in cutting edge technology but here at Wilbanks Smile Center  we want our patients to have access to the highest levels of treatment available. Other dentists in the area have to send their patients to us for these scans, requiring an extra visit. Our patients have this technology on site – no extra appointments.

For more information about this technology and to find out what other cutting edge treatment options are available at Wilbanks Smile Center please contact us at 706-886-9439 today.


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