Dental Erosion Rates Increasing - Especially For Young People

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012, 1:08 am

Dental erosion used to be rare. Today the rates of dental erosion are increasing dramatically and these rates are rising especially fast for young people. Dental erosion is when tooth enamel is worn away by acids in our mouth. Erosion causes sensitive teeth, turns teeth yellow and leaves them vulnerable to decay.

What has changed? Lots of things including growing taste preferences for sour tastes, more acidic beverages and foods becoming available and overall lifestyle changes. Children today start drinking soft drinks at a very young age and studies have shown that starting the soda habit early leads to a higher consumption of soda at later ages compared to kids who start drinking soda when older. Sour candies like War Heads are popular with kids and are highly acidic. Sports drinks and energy drinks are also highly acidic.

Another thing that has changed is how often our children (and adults too) consume these acidic foods and drinks. These are not for special occasions – many households have soda available all day long to go along with constant snacking.

What can you do to protect against dental erosion? Avoid frequent consumption of soda, energy drinks and sports drinks. If you do have these then rinse your mouth with water when you are done – wait about 30 minutes to brush your teeth. Offer your child a piece of chocolate (dark chocolate is actually good for your teeth) or sugarless gum instead of sour candies. Constant snacking on carbohydrate rich foods should also be avoided. These tips will help ensure healthy tooth enamel and better overall health as well.

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