International Trials Praise Dental Implants

Saturday, August 10th, 2013, 3:31 pm

Two separate international clinical studies have just been published and demonstrate excellent clinical performance of dental implants. Together these studies looked at more than one thousand implants in Europe, the US and Australia. The studies reported implant survival rates of 98% and practically no bone loss around the implants.

Dental implants have been around for many years now and are one of the best ways we have to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace just one tooth, replace several teeth or can be used to anchor complete sets of dentures.

The beauty of using a dental implant to replace a tooth, instead of a traditional bridge, is that a dental implant acts and feels more like a natural tooth. When placing a dental bridge the teeth that are used to “anchor” the bridge must be prepared – this may mean altering a perfectly healthy tooth just to anchor the bridge leaving it open to future decay or damage. A dental implant is placed into the bone of the jaw and serves as an artificial tooth root so no other teeth are touched during the restoration. A special implant crown completes the procedure – most patients can’t tell which tooth has the implant!

For patients who have lost all of their teeth we can use dental implants to create a whole new smile. If the patient has experienced bone loss that does not allow multiple implants we can anchor a full set of replacement teeth using only 4 implants. No slipping dentures and you never need to be afraid to smile, laugh or eat whatever you want.

Find out how dental implants can change your smile by contacting Toccoa, GA implant dentist Wilbanks Smile Center today at 706-886-9439.

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