Teeth Restored In Just One Visit With CEREC

Complex restorations like dental crowns can now be completed in just one visit with CEREC. The CEREC system allows us to actually make dental restorations like crowns in our office in about 10-20 minutes! That means in just one appointment your tooth can be prepared, the restoration created and bonded in place.

If you have had a dental crown in the past you remember having one appointment to prepare your tooth and place a temporary restoration. Then a couple of weeks later the crown would be back from the lab and you would come in for another appointment to cement the permanent restoration in place.

Most of the time things worked well and it was just a hassle coming back in for a second appointment and getting numb a second time. Then there were the times when things didn’t go perfectly – the temporary restoration came out while you were eating a candy bar or the lab work wasn’t 100% perfect and the dentist sent it back to be remade…

Getting it all done in one appointment is just so much easier! New technology is making life better in lots of areas and fixing broken or decayed teeth is much simpler using CEREC. This amazing computer guided machine actually creates the perfect restoration based upon digital images while we wait!

If you have broken a tooth or if you know you have old, leaky fillings that need to be replaced you can probably benefit from CEREC. Please contact Wilbanks Smile Center in Toccoa, GA today at 706-886-9439 to schedule your appointment.

Wilbanks Team